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Brent’s Pick: The Kentucky Derby

blog | 04/02/2018

Every May, I find myself enjoying the Kentucky Derby with friends, family, and a Mint Julep in hand. That’s the apex of the celebration, but ask any Kentuckian, and you’ll learn that the Derby is more than just a horse race. For us, it’s a part of who we are, like Bourbon or Bluegrass-style hospitality. This is what visitors to Kentucky expect, and to offer that, Four Roses teams up with the Kentucky Derby Festival each year to celebrate all things Kentucky.

In the weeks leading up to the Derby, I participate in many of these Festival events and get the opportunity to celebrate Bourbon as part of the entire Kentucky and Kentucky Derby experience. The Festival events have become my personal Derby tradition. For me, it begins in early March with Festival Unveiled and continues through to the Great Steamboat race and the Derby itself.

Whether you are attending one of the Kentucky Derby Festival events, the Oaks, the Derby, or simply watching the Race from outside of Kentucky, complete the celebration by raising a glass of Kentucky’s other tradition to toast the greatest two minutes in sports!


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