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Father’s Day with Four Roses

blog | 06/12/2020

Fathers Day

We’d like to wish an early happy Father’s Day to all of our Bourbon dads out there, and help you toast to the ones in your life. But first, we’ll take a walk down memory lane with this vintage 1959 Four Roses Father’s Day advertisement.

As some of you may know, long before the Four Roses Mellow Moments Club was established in 2005 there was an informal, private club for Four Roses enthusiasts called the Four Roses Society. Though we don’t know much about the initial founding of the society and who its members were, we do know that the fundamental goal was similar to today’s Mellow Moments Club: to come together to talk about and enjoy Four Roses, which is what we also do here in the Straight Up E-Newsletter.

What we see here in this print ad from 1959 is our beloved bulldog “Sociable Bill the Fourth” with his puppies. Bill can be spotted in many Four Roses advertisements during this time, and even went on to become the official mascot of the Four Roses Society.

As we said in 1959, “Father’s Day is just around the corner” and fortunately a mellow pour is waiting for you.

So, with that, we invite you to raise a glass of Four Roses with us and say “thank you” to the dads in your life. Whether we’re toasting your own dad, another father-figure, your spouse, a dad-to be, or just yourself …

Cheers and Happy Father’s Day.

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