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blog | 04/17/2020

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At Four Roses, we make it our responsibility to handcraft Bourbon with an approach that focuses on positive environmental sustainability, prioritizes balancing enjoyment with awareness and responsible behavior, and values our commitment to be a community partner.

We take our process one step further than handcrafting 10 distinct and extraordinary Bourbon recipes through our commitment to the environment, which extends to our customers, our staff, and our community with the following initiatives:

Community Partner

Our commitment as a community partner is important to our company culture and values. We believe local partnerships make a difference in communities and build a stronger presence, especially by working together on causes and environmental conservation initiatives, by way of:

  • Supplying our cooked grains to local farmers for feed. The feed is a by-product of our distillation process and is made up of the malted barley, corn and rye after we no longer need it.
  • Hosting the annual Salt River Cleanupeach May, where we volunteer to maintain the pristine riverbank around the Salt River across from the Four Roses Distillery by removing debris.

Environmental Stewardship

At Four Roses, we promise to focus on positive environmental stability, a commitment to the environment that extends to our customers, our staff, and our community with the following initiatives:

  • Recycling of paper, glass and cardboard at both Four Roses facilities.
  • Reusing our Four Roses Bourbon bottles for vases in the Visitor Center, as well as at events nationally.
  • Utilizing paper straws at all events, as well as providing paper straws to various bars and restaurants across the country.
  • Providing biodegradable cups at Rose Bowl Stadium, festivals, and other sponsorships, which can be reused and taken home.
  • Using reclaimed water to heat and cool our fermenters and yeast tubs at the Four Roses Distillery by withdrawing water from the Salt River and using electricity to cool the water for reuse.

In doing so, we pledge to support and utilize local businesses and bring environmental value to our customers and community for a better today and tomorrow.

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