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blog | 10/30/2018

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We’re excited to announce that our holiday gift sets are available in select stores now, and come complete with everything you need to toast to a love story, 130 years in the making. Exactly 130 years ago, a young whiskey man, Paul Jones Jr., named his Bourbon after the occasion where his true love said, “yes” with a corsage of four red roses.

We encourage you to celebrate this moment with our holiday gift sets, complete with a set of 130th Anniversary glassware and a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon, expertly handcrafted from up to 10 of our unique Bourbon recipes. And, because so many holiday moments are made for Bourbon, we’ve included our most popular holiday drink recipe to make each moment one for the ages—a true classic, Four Roses Egg-Nog.

First introduced in 1933, and again in the 1936 advertisement displayed on the holiday gift set, Four Roses Egg-Nog became a fan-favorite of consumers. They would clip it, fold it and put it in the family cookbook to surface time and time again during the holidays. In later years, different versions of the advertisement featuring the same elegant silver punch bowl and cups were used.

The advertisement mentions “if we didn’t know the month or day—if we couldn’t find a calendar high or low—we’d still be kept right up to date by the annual flood of requests we get at this time for our Four Roses Egg-Nog recipe.”

We continue to receive requests today for this beloved recipe around the holidays each year, and wanted to make sure you had it on-hand. Holiday gift sets, complete with the classic Four Roses Egg-Nog recipe are available in select stores now, through the holiday season. In the meantime, you can take a look at our Egg-Nog recipe here.

And while we do believe that many holiday moments are made for Bourbon, we encourage you to celebrate responsibly, enjoy in moderation, and stay safe this holiday season.

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