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Holiday Moments Made Better

blog | 11/07/2019

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Keep this holiday season mellow with the perfect gift for your favorite Bourbon lover. Our 2019 holiday gift sets will be available in select stores with a red, stainless-steel, branded flask and 750ml bottle of our award-winning Four Roses Bourbon.


This gift pack will give the holidays an exciting flavor they’ve never had before. We use up to 10 of our unique, perfectly aged Bourbon recipes to handcraft each bottle of Four Roses Bourbon. Light fruit notes and gentle spices greet you with each sip and fade into crisp hints of fresh apples, followed by a long smooth and very mellow finish. Our holiday gift pack will captivate any Bourbon enthusiast looking to create and entertain throughout the holidays as they can carry their Bourbon with them from the office Christmas party to the annual dinner in a long-time friend’s home. They can also make any holiday moment mellow with our classic Four Roses Eggnog.


And while we do believe that many holiday moments are made for Bourbon, we encourage you to celebrate responsibly, enjoy in moderation, and stay safe this holiday season. Be mellow. Be responsible.

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