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Our “Fourth Rose” is Expanding to New States

blog | 04/09/2021

Small Batch Select

You may have heard that our acclaimed “fourth rose” will become available to more Bourbon lovers this spring.
Four Roses Small Batch Select is a non-chill filtered, 104-proof Bourbon, first introduced in 2019 as our much-anticipated first permanent product-line extension in more than a decade.
New markets where Small Batch Select will be available this spring include Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The expansion brings the total to 30 states where Small Batch Select is available.
Here’s what Master Distiller Brent Elliott had to say: We’re grateful for the positive reception to Small Batch Select as people are experiencing how our 10 Bourbon recipes come together for distinctly different flavors across our portfolio.
Small Batch Select is a taste all on its own as it brings out some of our Bourbon recipes that aren’t as forward facing in our other bottles, and it has that close to straight-from-the-barrel experience you get with it being non-chill filtered.
The noted international media outlet Whisky Advocate rated Small Batch Select no. 3 in its Top Whiskies of 2019 list, the highest-ranked Bourbon on the list. Small Batch Select also earned a Gold Medal at the 2019 Sunset International Spirits Competition and 2020 Denver International Spirits Competition, along with Category Silver for Kentucky Bourbon at the 2020 World Whiskies Awards and Top 100 Spirits at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Competition.
Combining two unique mashbills with five proprietary yeast strains to handcraft 10 distinct Bourbons allows us to achieve an endless range of flavor profiles unmatched in the industry. Each Bourbon recipe brings something different to the batch – and meticulously blending them to achieve the perfect bottle of Bourbon is all part of our craft.
Brent hand-selected and mingled barrels from six of our 10 distinct Bourbon recipes, each aged a minimum of six years, to create Small Batch Select. Two of those recipes – OBSF and OESF – can only be found in our Private Selection Single Barrel Bourbons, outside of our regular Four Roses Bourbon, so Small Batch Select is a nice way to experience those herbal notes of the F yeast strain when you can’t find a barrel pick that features them.
Here’s more on the six recipes that make up this special Bourbon. See what you can taste when you sample Small Batch Select:  

  • OBSV – One of the most well-rounded and versatile recipes at all ages; the high-rye mix yields a spicy, full-bodied taste that combines with the V yeast strain while adding delicate fruit, for a wonderfully balanced final product. 
  • OBSK – A favorite of Bourbon lovers who like intense, spicy flavors; dominated by aromas of rich, clean rye and hints of lighter baking spices, the K strain seamlessly transitions into flavors of allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • OBSF – Like the Q yeast strain, the F strain has historically been considered a “top note” recipe found exclusively in Four Roses Bourbon, where it adds complexity with its minty and herbal character.
  • OESV – The most subtle of our 10 recipes; the V strain creates a Bourbon that’s not overly fruity, spicy, herbal or floral that balance nicely with corn and rye notes to achieve an elegant, nuanced Bourbon.
  • OESK – One of our most versatile recipes; the spicy K strain mixed with our lower rye mashbill creates a balanced, mellow and rich Bourbon that allows the subtle baking spice flavors of the K yeast strain to be more apparent.
  • OESF – The F strain is very unique with the herbal and minty character that develops through fermentation and is less influenced by the rye, allowing the flavors of the yeast to be more apparent and meld elegantly with the mellow grain notes.

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