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Rose Julep Virtual Challenge

blog | 05/08/2020

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Our bartender and mixologist friends have been among our most loyal supporters and advocates through the years, and have helped Four Roses grow and expand our reach to new customers. Now it’s our turn to support them in this time of need.

We’ve created the Rose Julep Virtual Challenge as a means to provide much-needed funding to the USBG National Charity Foundation’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) – while also helping all our Four Roses lovers at home celebrate in the spirit of spring in a responsible, socially distant way.

The Rose Julep Challenge seeks bartenders and mixologists around the country who will provide videos we can share with our audiences on social media that show how to make a special julep at home. Then we’ll challenge our friends at home to make the recipes and tip their mixologists for the creative cocktail.

Make A Tip Donation Here

Tips are divided equally among participating mixologists, and Four Roses will match the tip total with a donation to BEAP, up to $25,000. This will be in addition to the contribution Four Roses has already donated to BEAP.

Kentucky bourbon and the Derby go hand-in-hand. So while this spring isn’t be the same without the 146th Run for the Roses on the first Saturday in May, please join us in celebrating the spirit at home, while also supporting bartenders and mixologists, who need us now more than ever.

Check out our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we share these special julep recipes.

Interested mixologists can contact for more details.

See the Recipes Below!


Coppin’s Julep
Mixologist: James Beddie
Venue: Coppin’s Bar
Location: Covington, KY

2 1/2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1/2 oz Moroccan mint tea syrup*
2 dashes Bittercube Root Beer Bitters

*Moroccan mint tea syrup:
1 tsp Moroccan tea
1 cup Water
Lemon peel


Mint Conditioned
Mixologist: Adam Prem
Venue: Lowood
Location: Tulsa, OK

2 oz Four Roses Bourbon
1/2 oz Rich demerara syrup* or simple syrup
1 spritz Absinthe

*Rich demerara syrup:
500g Turbinado sugar
250g Boiling water
1 Vanilla bean
1 Cinnamon stick
5 Whole cloves


Mint Julep
Mixologist: Cristian Torres
Venue: Paper Plane and MINIBOSS
Location: San Jose, CA

2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1/4 oz Simple syrup


Run for the Rosé
Mixologist: Carol Donovan
Venue: Division on the Rocks
Location: Chicago, IL

3 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
3/4 oz Rose wine mint syrup*
Generous bouquet of fresh mint

*Rose wine mint syrup:
1 cup Turbinado sugar
1 cup Dry rose wine
2 cups Fresh mint leaves


The Crown Julep
Mixologist: JaQuan Bowser
Venue: Spindle Bar
Location: Charlotte, NC

2 oz Four Roses Bourbon
3/4 oz Pineapple mint shrub*
​​​​​​​​​​​Pineapple fronds

*Pineapple mint shrub:
1/2 of a Fresh pineapple
1 cup Apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup Brown sugar
1 cup Water
15-20 Mint leaves


Tim’s Rose Julep
Mixologist: Tim Knittel
Venue: Distilled Living
Location: Lexington, KY

2 oz Four Roses Small Batch
1 oz Blackberry preserves
1/2 oz Lemon juice


Wake Up & Smell the Roses       
Mixologist: Bill Whitlow
Venue: Rich’s Proper Food & Drink
Location: Covington, KY

2 oz Four Roses Small Batch
1 dash Cherry bitters
3/4 oz Black tea syrup
3/4 oz Cold brew coffee
1 tsp Maple syrup
1/2 oz Orange liqueur
Powdered sugar


A’int that Dandy
Mixologist: Natalie White
Venue: Belle’s Cocktail House
Location: Lexington, KY

2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1 oz Honey syrup
6 Mint leaves
2 Cleaned dandelion flowers


Julep Jubilee
Mixologist: Colleen McCarthy-Clarke
Venue: Martini Italian Bistro
Location: Louisville, KY

2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1/2 oz Lemon juice
1/2 oz Honey water*
5-8 Mint leaves

*Honey water:
1/2 cup Honey
1/2 cup Hot water


Rose Mint Julep
Mixologist: David Poczobut
Venue: Mother’s
Location: Tampa, FL

2 1/2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1/2 oz Simple syrup
6-8 Mint leaves


The Rose Julep
Mixologist: Anthony Baker
Venue: Wayla Thai Cuisine and Momentum Mixology
Location: New York, NY

3 oz Four Roses Single Barrel
1/2 oz Brown sugar syrup
5 dashes Hella Apple Blossom Bitters
12 Mint leaves
10-12 dashes Peychaud’s Aromatic Cocktail Bitters
2 thin Apple slices



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