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The Difference is Clear with Kentucky Straight Ice

blog | 07/17/2020

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When making your favorite Four Roses cocktail, does the quality of the ice come to mind? For some people, the answer may be no, but in reality, ice is the most important unknown ingredient in your glass. This month, we met up with our friend Rich Finck, owner of Kentucky Straight Ice, The Official Ice of BourbonTM.

Rich’s passion for ice is clear and with it taking up nearly 33 percent of your glass, it’s easy to understand why “ice is the most important unknown ingredient in your glass.”

Kentucky Straight Ice products are designed to enhance the ‘on the rocks’ experience for Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, and the entire premium spirits class by allowing you to enjoy your drink with three times less dilution than regular ice. Handcrafted into Perfect Spheres, Collins Ice Spears, Crushed Ice, Two-inch and One-inch Cubes, each product delivers an improved beverage experience by providing an aesthetically pleasing, flavorful, and consistent drink with each and every sip.

We wanted to take a closer look at the process of creating this special ice to share with you, so we spent some time with Rich to learn more. The process begins with clean limestone-rich Kentucky water, “the DNA of Bourbon.” The naturally occurring limestone provides cleaner water than the municipal water supply and the unique freezing process eliminates those off-putting flavors and smells found in the common cube and results in cubes as clear as you’ve ever seen.

As the only company dedicated to luxury ice in Kentucky, Kentucky Straight Ice products defy your conventional expectations. The lack of impure elements leads to a cube that melts more slowly, releasing just the right amount of water to open the flavor of your spirit.

To learn more about what cocktails are best served with the Kentucky Straight Ice, check out Rich’s suggestions below. And of course, we’ve provided a Four Roses recipe for you to try.


Perfect Spheres
Best for: An Old-Fashioned

Collins Ice Spears
Best for: A Señorita Rosa

Crushed Ice
Best for: A Mint Julep

Two-inch Cubes
Best for: A Bourbon Smash

One-inch Cubes
Best for: A Maple Berry Fizz, or pretty much anything else.

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