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Virtual Tasting with Brent Elliott

blog | 04/07/2020

Brent Elliott

As our communities continue to practice social distancing, we will continue bringing the Four Roses experience right to you, at home. Four Roses has always been about bringing people together – and we still are, but now in a different way.

We invite you to join Master Distiller Brent Elliott in a virtual tasting of our award-winning bourbon products. Before tuning in, be sure to take a moment to review our tips to a smooth tasting below. We’re happy we have this opportunity to connect with you. 

Four Roses Tasting Checklist:

1.) Download a tasting mat and notes template
Four Roses Tasting Sheet
Four Roses Tasting Notes

2.) Get out your glassware
Brent suggests using Glencairn glasses if you have them around. These are ideal for sampling Bourbons because the shape allows you to better experience the nose of the Bourbons. However, any glassware, like a rocks glass, that you have on hand at home will work!

3.) And of course, Bourbon
Brent will be walking through all four of our Bourbon products:
Four Roses Bourbon
Four Roses Small Batch
Four Roses Single Barrel
Four Roses Small Batch Select

We invite you to join us on a tasting of all four Bourbons if you happen to have at home. Otherwise, any one of them will do. These products can also be delivered to your front door by Drizly, or other similar delivery services in your areas. Check it out here.

4.) Additional tips for tasting
Have some water or cubes of ice on hand. With higher-proof Bourbons, there are so many flavors and aromas that are tightly bound. A drop of water or an ice cube opens up the more delicate and nuanced flavors.

It’s also a good idea to have something neutral to cleanse the palate between Bourbons. We recommend chips, pretzels or crackers.


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