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Four Roses’ Private Selection Steamboat Race Bottles Available at Louisville Kroger Locations

blog | 4/30/2015

Four Roses Bourbon specially selected for Kentucky Derby Festival’s Great Steamboat Race will be available in limited quanities at Louisville Kroger Wine and Spirits Shoppes.

The bourbon was selected last month when representatives from Kentucky Derby Festival, the Belle of Louisville and the Belle of Cincinnati participated in a sampling of six different bourbon barrels to determine which ones would be served aboard the boats during Wednesday’s race.

For the third consecutive year, guests aboard both steamboats had the opportunity to sample the two bourbons in a blind tasting and vote for their favorite during the race. The winning bourbon was the KE57-5O barrel, specially selected to be served aboard the Belle of Cincinnati during Wednesday’s Great Steamboat Race. Barrel number KE57-5U was selected for the Belle of Louisville.

Bottles from both steamboats are available for purchase.

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