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We look to grow our corporate citizenship in the local community and state.  One of the most effective ways to build a positive relationship with the community is to be involved in charitable events.  We support a wide variety of charities throughout Kentucky with donations and on-site presence.

Four Roses has a representative on the board of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, and we will continue to build our level of involvement and engagement with them.  We support the Anderson County presence at the State Fair in Louisville, host events at our distillery, and sponsor the annual gala.  We believe these types of events will continue to bring the community together year after year.

We’ve also been part of events surrounding and supporting the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce.  For the past couple of years, we’ve contributed to the Progressive Dinner event along with other chamber members.

This year, we hosted the fifth annual Salt River Clean Up Day in September.  As you are aware, one of Four Roses’ main environmental resources is water, particularly the Salt River that flows beside the distillery in Lawrenceburg.  Without this key resource, we would not be able to operate and produce our smooth and mellow Bourbons.  This initiative, in particular, supports our environmental efforts.  We will strive to keep this important source of water clean and free of debris, targeting areas around the dam, concrete area, along the bridge, and the highway where it forks on each side of the river. This event is our way to show that we are committed to preserving our valuable resources today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Four Roses also believes in supporting and utilizing local businesses. The economics clearly show that when local businesses have more support the entire community is stronger.