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Are You Over 21?


Personal Choice and Decision

Selecting and consuming Four Roses Bourbon is a personal choice and decision. We want your decision to be Four Roses. Our bourbon is a key ingredient in bringing people together during special occasions or just simple treasured moments. When choosing to drink Four Roses Bourbon, we want your experience to be positive and enjoyable.

Maintaining positive experiences with Four Roses Bourbon requires an individual to act responsibly. Alcohol awareness and avoidance of irresponsible drinking behavior can minimize risks. Excess consumption can lead to addiction and other serious health consequences. Moderate, responsible consumption can produce consistent positive experiences that promote more enjoyable occasions.

No Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving can produce deadly consequences for yourself and others. Choices are available to avoid these situations. Preparing a designated driver, taxi ride, or transportation service are convenient and some of the safest options an individual can choose. Four Roses believes no one should ever drink and drive and urges employees and consumers who enjoy our products to plan for safe transportation home using these three methods.

No Underage Drinking

Promotion of the Four Roses brand is targeted at consumers of legal drinking age. We stand firmly against underage drinking by providing our employees and consumer education about the risks of underage drinking. STAR Training and certification is a requirement for all Four Roses employees who sell and serve alcohol in our visitor centers. This policy ensures that we minimize the risks of underage drinking.

Role and Responsibility to Our Society

Four Roses recognizes and desires to influence employees, customers, consumers, stakeholders, and the overall public toward a higher level of responsible drinking behavior.

If you choose to drink, enjoy it in moderation. Make it part of your occasion, not the focus. The key is to have a good time while staying in control.

Think before you Drink.

Be Mellow. Be Responsible.